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TO evolution - intuitive and easy operation

Plug-and-play technology

1. Removable and replaceable dilution unit

The dilution unit is delivered as a compact mountable box, which you can quickly and easily slot into place. With this option, you can reduce your transportation costs when calibration or maintenance is required as you do not have to ship the entire olfactometer

2. Support bar with partition screens

The support bar provides the foundation for the other elements of the TO evolution and contains the air distribution lines to the panel interface ports. The partition screens can be mounted within seconds.

3. Panel interface ports

The panel interface ports can be equipped with up to three nose masks and have a high resolution touch screen interface which allows panellist feedback forms to be customised depending on the analytical method being used. Thanks to the "easy click" system, the panel interface ports are easily attached to the support bar. The hardware and software will detect the station automatically without the need for further programming.




The TO evolution allows for easy setup and is simple to maintain due to its new modular design; you can be assured of the reliability of our well-known robust equipment, manufactured in-house in Germany.

State of the art dilution system

The heart of the TO evolution is the ultra-modern and purpose designed dilution system, which is based on the proven principle of combining gas jet pumps and fixed sapphire orifices. 

These technologies are already well-known from the TO8, the TO8s, the TO9 and the TO8-8 olfactometers. Developing a new motherboard and more powerful motors was the logical progression of the technology. At the same time, we focused on keeping the size of the dilution unit as compact as possible to allow for fast and efficient service at low transportation cost. With a new reverse flushing option the dilution system can also be flushed in reverse to remove even the smallest particles that could be blocking an orifice.


Flexibility and scalability

Based on our experience we know that different odour laboratories have different requirements for their olfactometer. The TO evolution is the first "one-size-fits-all" olfactometer in the world:

Thanks to its modular design, the TO evolution is scalable for up to 6 panellist stations. You can decide for yourself which is most suitable for your requirements; whether it’s a 2-station, 4-station or 6-station olfactometer. 

The TO evolution is designed for the following methods:

  Yes / No (EN 13725:2003)  
  Dual Forced Choice (EN 13725:2003)  
  Triangular Forced Choice (ASTM 679)
  Intensity (VDI 3882 Part1)  
  Hedonic Tone (VDI 3882 Part2)  

Focus on the human sensor

The TO evolution is the first ergonomically designed olfactometer which focuses on the main sensor in olfactometry: the human nose. Olfactometry is a human sensory measurement method in which the panellists play a central role. That is why our engineers have collaborated with professional industrial designers to focus on the interaction between man and machine. The result is an olfactometer which, through the selection of materials and colours, offers the panellists a distraction-free environment. The modern and contemporary design of the software allows for intuitive and easy operation.

These essential characteristics of the new TO evolution ensure that you can achieve best working conditions as described in the requirements of
EN 13725:2003.

Ergonomics - Additional details

The height-adjustable nose masks allow the panellists to always sit in the optimal upright position, regardless of how tall they are. The centrally-located touch screen is easily accessible and suitable for both for right- and left-handed users.

 Operator interface
Operator interface
Panellist interface - Hedonic Tone
Panellist interface - Hedonic Tone
Panellist interface - Dual Forced Choice
Panellist interface - Dual Forced Choice

TO evolution control software

The TO evolution software package provides an olfactometer control software to support your laboratory in delivering odour measurements at the highest quality; as well as a state of the art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of odour laboratories.

The TO evolution control software supports all relevant standards such as EN 13725:2003, AS 4323.1, ASTM 679, VDI 3882 Part 1 & Part 2. With its modern look and feel, and user friendly interface, the TO evolution software ensures fast and reliable measurements without overloading the user with operational information. Regardless of the level of experience of your operators, from the novice through to the highly experienced, the TO evolution software can give them the guidance and visual assistance that is needed to ensure measurements at the highest quality.  

  • Improved usability for operators through a state-of-the-art user interface

  • Extended checkup features and test routines 

  • Real-time acquisition of data 

  • Integrated WiNose evolution LIMS interface ensures all results are instantly available in the LIMS and accessible to the users

  • Direct transmission of results to the WiNose evolution LIMS reduces the steps in producing documentation, and avoids error-prone manual copying & pasting of data

  • Keep the software up to date with the automated update mechanism (requires an active internet connection)